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Modeling is the path to building an effective personality that works to put you out from the crowd. It is the physical representation of who you are and what you have to say to the world. When words don’t suffice personality projects your thoughts and your opinion of whom you want to be in the world. T-series StageWorks is the platform you earnestly need if you have more to say of yourself. We help to bring out the best in one and provide you with ways to channelize it through rigorous classes and guidance. So if you want to demonstrate confidence and leadership, be unique, be knowledgeable and well rounded then participate in the modeling classes to groom your personality and make yourself ready to face the challenges of the world and shine your way through the crowd. We offer complete personality development and confidence enhancement courses that can help you pursue your long thought dream of becoming a model and flaunting your talent in the real world then Tseries is the destination for you and your dreams. The goals and objectives of modeling courses include a demonstration of confidence and leadership skills, effective communication and interaction with others, all-rounder personality, humility and willingness to improve, not fearing to be unique and accepting new challenges and overcoming them graciously.
The modeling platform is one of the most renowned features of T-Series StageWorks and helps numerous dreamers and modeling enthusiasts to hone their skills and personality to be prepared for the real-life exposure to the film and modeling industry. Almost all models work with agents, who provide a link between the models and clients. Clients prefer to work with agents, making it very difficult for a model to pursue a freelance career. Agents recruit new models, advise and train models, and promote them to clients in return for a portion of the model’s earnings. Models must do research before signing with an agency to make sure it has a good reputation in the modeling industry. This course specifically targets:


  • Display clothing and merchandise in print and online advertisements

  • Promote products and services in television commercials
  • Wear designers' clothing for runway fashion shows
  • Model accessories, such as handbags, shoes, and jewelry, and promote beauty products, including fragrances and cosmetics
  • Pose for workers taking photos or creating paintings or sculptures
  • Work closely with photographers, hair and clothing stylists, makeup artists, and clients to produce the desired look
  • Create and maintain a portfolio of their work
  • Travel to meet and interview with potential clients
  • Conduct research on the product being promoted—for example, the designer or type of fabric of a particular article of clothing.


We have all key ingredients that you need to become and model and achieve real life experiences through the rigorous teaching methods. So don’t wait for the opportunity to come knocking at your door, step outside and find new opportunities for yourself like the one offered at Tseries that helps to pave your way through the crowd to the top with the help of Tseries stageworks modeling programs and courses.

3 Months Course Highlights :


  • Introduction to the glamour world

  • Comprehensive course curriculum
  • Personality Development
  • Health, Skin and Beauty Care
  • To work with face expressions and body shape
  • Individual attention
  • Focus on 3 major aspects of modelling : Ramp, Print & Electronic modeling



  • Course Certification by T-Series StageWorks

  • Assistance in Auditions & casting after the course
  • Personal Styling and Image development
  • Guest Lectures from leading models and industry experts

    3 Months


    Rs. 70,000 + Rs 40,000 (Portfolio)


    Thrice a Week (Evening Classes on alternate days)

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