Carrying the flag of Shri Gulshan Kumar, T-Series StageWorks academy has been formed with a commitment to polish and nurture creativity and talent by offering structured courses in the fields of Film, Music, Dance, and Performing and media arts. One of our next ventures was to make our artist’s more accessible to the public,this leads us to a four Day Event held in The Great India Place Mall, Noida.
The event was a Night Market, with food, stalls to shop for little trinkets, fortune tellers and some really powerful performances by artists from T-series Stageworks Academy.
This event was a dazzling affair, with a stage set for perfection to be unleashed, and a mass of excited audience.

Our four day event covered performer’s singing acoustic and live band sessions. Immense exploration was undertaken by our performing artists in the kind, of experience they wanted to give to the audience. Each performer engaged with the crowd’s and made them participate in the event, making it personalised and refreshing, seeing the audience interact with the artists and their music.

The event was especially successful as many young students were enthralled to see a space like TSA who are giving a platform to young artists so that they can start building their careers. Many young individuals were intrigued and wanted to know more about a space to launch their dream careers.
It was an extremely exciting experience, as it seemed like there was a connection between the audience and the performing artists. The people were having a gala time, whilst also paying attention to how these performers reached to that level of singing in such a big event.
Young children were especially in awe by the glamour and excitement in the air, they wanted to dance and sing with all our performers making it extra special.
Since, We are constantly trying to make our community bigger by nurturing talent and giving a platform to artists, making a greater impact is necessary. This idea was the begining of T-Series Stageworks Academy, where 3 months and 1 year diploma courses are offered in Singing, Dancing, Modeling and Acting. These courses are facilitated by knowledgeable teachers who have Experience in the Entertainment Industry. Grade A infrastructure, with top tier equipments available for students to learn from, and being in T-Series where we have our very own music and film production happening, deserving students would be launched in T-series Acoustics, which is one of the grand platforms on youtube with over 44 million subscribers.

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