basics-of-singing-1-768x299 Basics of Singing

Basics of Singing

Basic (3 Months) Course Highlights Personalized need based training Methodology comprising voice and word clarity Training is aimed to...

Website-Slider-SING-2-768x298 Advance Singing Course

Advance Singing Course

6 Months Course Highlights Individual attention Exploring various styles of music Live performances Studio...

Website-Slider-ACT-4-768x298 Basics of Acting

Basics of Acting

BASICS OF ACTING Course Highlights Methodology comprising voice, speech and body Additional training on supportive mediums and skills like costume, make up, dance and mime ...

advance-acting-course-768x299 Advance Acting Course

Advance Acting Course

6 Months Course Highlights Speech voice diction & improvisation classes Understanding grooming, costumes & articulation...

basics-of-modelling-768x299 Basics Of Modelling

Basics Of Modelling

3 Months Course Highlights : Introduction to the glamour world Comprehensive course curriculum Personality Development Health, Skin and...

basics-of-dance-768x299 Basics Of Dance

Basics Of Dance

3 Months Course Highlights : Introduction to various forms of dancing Stage performances Professional...

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