All the world’s a stage. Act Out

Life’s but a walking shadow. When we are born, we cry that we are come To this great stage of fools. The only thing that lasts is the stage itself. Acting is really the ability to communicate and relate to other people ? essential training, especially for anyone dealing with the public on a day-to-day basis.
The transformation by learning how to act can be nothing short of amazing.
Are you naturally shy? Do you find yourself afraid to speak up during board meetings? Or are you tired of struggling through auditions? If you find yourself looking for ways to become more outspoken, confident, and successful in life, consider taking an acting class. That’s right. An acting course. Its not just for fledgling actors-its a practical and fun way to boost your self esteem and public speaking ability. Participating in this type of program can help you grow as an individual in both your professional and personal life.
May be these questions always arises in your mind. Why should you spend time and money to learn acting? And why should you even consider it as a great hobby aside from spending time learning how to sew, write, knit, or draw?Here are a few advantages to acting and taking it up as a hobby.

  • Acting is the powerful confidence booster. If asked, many people will agree there is nothing more intimidating than making a speech, or trying to impress a director. This type of class gives you the freedom to try new techniques in front of like minded people without any pressure. Youll leave feeling more secure and ready to take on any challenge, whether in the board room or for a new Biore commercial.
  • Personal strengths and weaknesses will be revealed. That old clich know thyself is the key to succeeding in anything you undertake. Acting courses are the ideal venue to explore the various facets of your personality. Which emotions and exercises come naturally? What areas need to be improved upon?
  • With the right teacher you will learn techniques and tricks to becoming a more effective speaker or actor on a professional level. You will be able to refine your skills, and leave knowing you have an edge.
  • Youll become a better communicator. By taking on the role of a character, you have to relate to another viewpoint. Why does this person feel this way? What is making the character take said actions? What is the underlying motivation? By being able to understand others emotions, youll learn to convey the desired message.
  • It encourages you to view a role from a different perspective by encouraging you to think outside the box. It teaches you to step back from the situation, take on an objective perspective, and select the best course of action.
  • It builds teamwork skills. Youll find yourself listening to others, discovering new group dynamics, and figuring out how to work together to achieve the desired outcome.
  • Acting can help you gain focus. In order to act out a specific scene and convey emotions, actors need to be especially focused: they need to stay in character and know the character through and through. This can be an especially difficult task if there are many distractions.
  • It can help you control your emotions. Contrary to what you might have seen on reality television shows, real acting isnt all about letting all your emotions out, running across the stage naked, or flailing your hands up and down and screaming all your thoughts to the heavens. Real acting is about knowing which emotions to use for which lines, and how to control your facial expressions so that you are conveying the right emotions.
  • Acting can help you let go of tension. Many of the acting exercises that you will be learn can be enjoyable, and even make you laugh. Other exercises will help you understand why you react in certain ways to certain stimuli. As you discover more about yourself, you can control yourself better and perhaps be more at peace with yourself as well as enjoy yourself in the process.
  • It teach us Discipline. Acting is more than an art or a craft: it is discipline, and if you can learn the ropes and discipline yourself through acting, then you might also learn how to manage everything in real life.
  • So go out there, and sign up for an acting class. Whatever the goal, this is a fun way to learn new skills which can be applied in every day situations. Not only will you grow as a person, but you will rediscover a whole new you!

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